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Positive Touch

Greg’s client-centered work includes relaxation massage, myofascial balancing, neuromuscular therapy and deep tissue massage. Every session with Greg includes expert bodywork coupled with sound somatic counseling. 

Greg, a professional musician and multi-instrumentalist, began his career in bodywork after focal dystonia threatened his livelihood and life’s passion. Focal dystonia is a neurological disorder that causes involuntary muscular contractions and abnormal postures. Debilitated by his condition and determined to regain full control of his body, he turned to a variety of treatments. After a time, he found his way to recovery through focused bodywork and intense somatic education (Body Mapping™ and Alexander Technique). Today he is back to performing on a regular basis, with no residual negative effects. 

Equally important, he has discovered a new passion: helping others live pain-free lives. His first-hand experience—which provides him with a unique affinity with clients—and his acquired knowledge of best practices have resulted in an intuitive wisdom and application that allows for better quality of movement in everyday life. In other words, his pain, your gain. 

Greg has been a professional musician since 1993, performing on guitar, mandolin, banjo, piano and organ. 


Positive Touch Medicine can bill Premera Blue Cross, LifeWise of Washington, and WA Labor and Industries (L&I) on your behalf with a valid prescription. 


$75.00 per hour (prorated for longer or shorter massages)


MONDAYS         2:30PM TO 7:00PM


FRIDAYS           9:00AM TO 2:30PM