We believe that healing happens not only from the inside out but also from the outside in. Because of that belief, we offer supplemental physical medicine treatments, including Bowenwork, LIFT, Craniosacral Therapy, acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, and massage therapy. We believe in non-invasive, gentle physical medicine-- a positive touch.


a hands-on approach


Positive Touch Medicine offers unique one-on-one visits with our providers. Most visits will include one full hour of face-to-face time with your doctor. We believe that open and nonjudgmental communication with your doctor is a necessity in fostering a calm environment to facilitate healing. Each doctor here also abides by the naturopathic tenet of the doctor as teacher.

holistic family medicine


Ayurveda is a natural system of medicine with its origins in India. Whether a person tends to be warm, cold, dry, oily, quick-tempered or calm is very important to us.  It helps to identify what foods, herbs and exercise will optimize your health. In addition to this, we also offer Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches to cover your preferred method of care.

We boast extremely high quality of care and offer family medicine strongly based on the tenets of naturopathic medicine. Our doctors treat the whole person instead of just their symptoms. Our approach to health is with nutrition and exercise counseling, stress management, and preventive measures based on one's personal constitution.

Promoting a balanced lifestyle.

Positive Touch